Thordin Twiceborn

Khazdain Cleric 5 freedom fighter


A stout Khazdain of Middling height, Thordin Twiceborn wears his black beard braided into three coils. His dark hair and dark brown eyes compliment his ruddy complexion while his deep voice that can cut across any Tavern draws attention to him when he chooses to speak.

Usually he is dressed in the garb of a Fist of Regar with a plain steel breast plate worn beneath the red tabard that sports the Golden Anvil. The balance of his dress is both plain and practical although impeccably maintained. He never is far from a weapon, either his Battle Axe or the symbolic Hammer that is a very functional symbol of his office


Thordin Khadesttynt Regar, khyok Denkar Stormhand Vhyri Cernyk Black Anvil. (Thordin Twiceborn, Hand of Regar Steel Father, son of Denkar Stormhand, of the line of Cernyk Black Anvil.)

Along with his brother Durgon Stone Shadow, his companions Asthada of the Quiet Hands and Kors the Grey, Thordin sought an ancient treasure in what turned out to be the Tomb of Easarin Halfelven. The guardians of the tomb killed Durgon and capture this band of adventures and held them in status for 148 years.

Upon being rescued Thordin joined his rescuers for a time including aiding them at the Battle of Blackfern and continued to travel with them to the city of Ravenscroft. At that time he joined his felloew Khazdain and serves in the Regarassja (Forge of Regar)and sought to discover what had happened to most of his family.

Unfortunately what he discovered was that most of his family died in the fall of Khazdirith Ru Nal Durrengar and Berninbohr Kharshak. What remains of his clan is scattered accross Pelenhar.

Since his return Thordin has become an outspoken voice of optimism in the face of the problems that have torn Pelenhar appart. He also has been a vocal opponent to the racist attitudes and policies of Baron Bardis. His popularity in Ravenscroft has kept him out of the goal but it is well known that there are those in Olikar of the Seven Spires who would be pleased to see his head on a pike.

Thordin Twiceborn

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