Welcome traveler, make yourself comfortable and sit the fire. We’re telling tales of Pelenhar in the last days of the Age of Fire, when the good King Kornig the Red, having at last ended the bloody insurrection of Osgrig the Black, the Necromancer Lord of Avend Dror, turned his eye to rooting out the evils that had been unleashed and restoring the Kingdom to it’s previous glory. When the Knights of the Azur Star rode to glory against the bloody clawed banners of the Urzykrial. When Sir Kendrin and the Iron Legion besieged the Gates of Kyricor the Destroyer and recovered the Scepter of the Ansanyval.

Please share our repast and make free with our wine. We’ve ale as well but it’s from the Khazdain brew masters of the Iron Hills so be warned, it’s a heady brew. All that we ask is that you add your voice to ours, sharing what legends you know, what stories you have.

Perhaps with your assistance we can uncover the truth of that mystery that has come to be known as the The Murder of Crows.

A Murder of Crows is a original Roll20 online Pathfinder Campaign. It’s a place for those who want tell great stories and feel heroic. While the site is a project in continuing development, please feel free to look around.

Pelenhar: A Murder of Crows